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Installing Arduino Mega ADK drivers for Arduino 0022 


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Installing Arduino Mega ADK 
drivers for Arduino 0022 

Written By: Tyler Moskowite 

y* TOOLS: 

Arduino Mega ADK (1) 

Computer running Windows. OSX or Linux (1) 

Internet connection (1) 

USB A to B cable (1) 


If you are trying to load a sketch onto your Arduino Mega ADK you may notice in the Arduino 
0022 IDE that there is no option for this board. This guide will cover extremely quickly how 
to install the drivers, provided by Arduino, to make your Arduino Mega ADK programmable 
from the IDE. 

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Installing Arduino Mega ADK drivers for Arduino 0022 

Step 1 — Download the software. 

Download the Arduino Software 

The open-source Arduino environment makes II easy to write e«te and upload it to (foe i/o board. It runs on 
KiiKkin'j, M« OS X, and Linux. Tt» environment ii written in Java and based on, Prwesing, in-fa, and 
«her«p#n source joftwapt. 

Bi" downloading the software from ibis page, you agree t&ihe specified te 

liduim ooaa ;reiease notes), bortri b ;. Google Co*: 

+ windows 


* Linux: aabit. 64 bit 

*■ SOUTH* 

Jsooiijflatile/ HlndVru.'j MacOSX. lmuir.3sbit) 


:ttinj Started 

o mutations 

The source code to the Anfuino software is hosted bv GitHub. See trts instructions for Building the code 

The AfjK contains a trace that can be cut todisabLe the auto- reset. The pads on either side of the trace can be 
soldered t&getrter tore-enabl* it- KS labeled] "RESET-EN"- Vou may also be able to disable tiie auto-reset by 
connecting a 1 to ohm resistor from 5V to the reset line; see this forum tnreadfoT details- 

U5FJ Owrtvrrtflt Proiectlon 

The Arduino ADK. has a reaettaWe pol yfiise that protects your computer's I'SE ports from shorts and 
ovOTOffrenT. Although man computers provide their own inttimaJ protsction, the fua provides an evtra 
layer of protection. If m&re than so& tnAte applied to th* USE port, the fuse will automatically' break the 
connection until the shun or overbad is removed 

Physical: Cliaraciflriiilcs and Shield Compatibility 

The maximum Length and width of the ADK FCB are 4 and 2. 1 inches respective-] f, wthh the L'SB rcnneaor 
and po vet jack extending beyondUieWrmerdLniensLon. Three scrswhrieE allow the board So. be attached to a 
surface or case. Note that the distance between digital pEr.t -andfi is iGg mil [o.ifi"), not an. even multipleof 
the 1 00 mil spacing, of the other pins. 

The AUK is designed to be compatible with most shields designed for the L'no, DiecimiU or Duemiiaitpve. 
Digital pins to 1 3 (aitd the- adjacent aeef and cxd pins*, analog inputs to ^ to? power header, and] ICS^ 
header are all in equi talent locations, further the main £art (.serial port) is located on the same pins to and 
1), as are external interrupts o and 1 Cpiiu 2 and 3 respectively), sn is available through the ICS-P headeron 
bath the ADK and DuemilamDve f Diecimita. Plea se r.sre thatfC is not healed cot the same pins on tfee-.-iDJf (20 
and 21) as the Buemifanove ,' DiEcimZs fdA3&£ hpUtSt4 andg). 

Drivers £ Setup 

With this board you need to chinge the boards. Set file in your Arduino directory (til 

> hardwares aj^uino) with this updated v«rioa that include also the *<ega AOK boal 

windows users in outer to get working the board need a -intfue for this specific pro* 
For Installation follow the same procedu reon how install an UNO board on your comr/ 

O Share -R* 

• Go to Arduino Software downloads page to download the lastest version of their IDE, 0022. 

• Pick the correct distribution for your operating system. 

• Now head over to the Arduino Mega ADK information page to download the drivers and 
updated board.txt file . 

Step 2 — Install the software. 

©G- 1 * j * 

' Downloads * arduino-ODZZ * ardulivD-CWZ? I 

k F*roritas 

51 Libriries 
*-i Homegroup 
;¥ Computer 
% Network 

I drivers 
I. iwaniplw 
i. hardware 

J Jua 



i. reference 

J* cygi«nw"J,dll 
g ti-Liv. iii.: II 
S NbiKb0.dH 

| . Ic. '. tlV.- 

S MbSeiieLdll 

Oatc medif ied 



B/13/201I ^Cfl PM 

File folder 

lzjwzcno ?:ia pm 


ummia ia% pm 

File folder 


Filt+ C ld*r 

BAS/2011 5HS PM 

File folder 

12AV3SH0 2^6 PM 


iffl/XSU 5H» PM 

File folder 

61S/reil 5rt» PM 

File folder 

12/24/2010 £ : 4S PM 


757 IS 

12/24/2010 2*T PM 



947 KB 

12/24/2010 2:flT PM 



1.329 KB 

1Z'24/2010 2^7 PM 




12/24/2010 2:47 PM 

TXT Fie 

23 KB 

12/24/2010 2^7 PM 



76 K8 

gj ikele Vfluglfa | ArduiwOO 

t\\e Edit SVHch [Took] Help 


Auto Farmjt 

Archive Sketch 

Fin Ertdedirt^ & Rel«ad 

SeriiiMorio' On>SfiirUM 


Bum Bootfcader 

Arduino Una 

Arduino DuWfiilan#rt or Nano vtf AlmCgiSiS 

ArduinwOiKimili, Duemilinovc, or Nanow/ ATmcgdSB 

Arduino Me^a 2350 

Aquino Me^a (Arme^il2S0) 


Arduino Fie 

Arduino BT w/ ATmeoa32& 

flrduinoBT w /ATirie$»168 

lilyP»d Aiduino w/ATmtga3Z3 

LilyPsd Arduino w/ ATm«cjal6S 



Arduino Pro or Pro Mini &3V. 8 MHi3 wl ATmega3Za 
Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (13V, 8 WHz) mi ATmeoal68 

Arduino Ni *i older w/ATraCgalES 
Aquino NO or oldtr w/ATmto»3 

• Unpack your distribution of the Arduino Integrated Development Environment, or IDE for 
short. Inside the unpacked Arduino IDE should be a folder labeled "arduino-0022". Inside 
that folder there should be a bunch of other folders as seen in the screenshot. 

• The board selection screen that is shown is fresh from the install. The Ardunio Mega ADK 
is not currently a selection, but we are going to fix that. 

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Installing Arduino Mega ADK drivers for Arduino 0022 

Step 3 — Install the drivers. 

<«>- ,-^^^ss^^™ 

sus^^— — 

'•^"Miii li 

,. IH'W mMMHW ■ *<*«* 


»w fcUWLMIFU Mi4aM 

■ vAmh li'M*ui*HJ 'nr' — >w-i 

~ .--r-f- I I I£HWI»«W •w^iK-Hn H7D 

'Mi* isvniiliu IiiLili p4p» «n 

™™ iswwrLM -nil. .-:n 

va.1—1- ■.■.■M'jtu.-i-hi %MMWH >!■■»- hd 


• Unpack the, and there should be a file labeled, Arduino MEGA ADK.inf. 
This is the driver file that is needed to allow the computer to talk with the microcontroller. 

• To move it into the correct folder first copy the Arduino MEGA ADK.inf file. After that 
navigate into the drivers folder of the Arduino IDE installation and paste the file there. This 
location can be found at the arduino-0022 folder we were just in. The general path would be 
"location unzipped"/arduino-0022/drivers". 

• This will depend on the operating system and the location in which the file was 


Step 4 


Getting Started with Arduino 

Introduction: What Arduino is and why it. 

Installation: Step-by-step instructions for setting up the Arduino 
software and connecting it to an Arduino Uno, Mega256o, 
Duemilanove, Mega, or Diedmila. 


: Mac OS X 

Linus fcr. ihe p'.aygrc'i^d vii;ij 
Environment Dei:n::iicn of the Arduino development environment. 

Trc-ub!e='^ooting Advice en v.-Itsi ic-dc ::::::::£; dc:: : i-cr^ 

I s ea rch I 

instructions for other boards: 

Arduino Nano 
• Arduino Mini 

Arduino BT 
■ LilyPad Arduino 

- ArduinoFio 

- Arduino Fro 
Arduiuo Pro Mini 

- Xbee shield 
Eineniei ="j:e^d 

The text of the Arduino getting started guide is licensed under 3 Creative Commons Artribution-ShareAl ike 
3.0 License, Code samples in the guide are released into the public domain. 

O Share I 


• Plug the Arduino Mega ADK into 
your computer and the drivers 
should automatically install at this 

• If the drivers do not install 
automatically please visit the 
Getting Started with Arduino 
homepage for detailed guides per 
operating system on how to get the 
board to find its drivers. 

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Installing Arduino Mega ADK drivers for Arduino 0022 

Step 5 — Replace the board.txt file. 

i.'.x^i.-aiu fk4»ta 

IwdiLittte ImAmM 

I:-;- ■ MM «.,-.'■.■■ 

UHWHi'N ■*h-*k->- 


• Our final step is to replace the original board.txt file with the new file that was downloaded 
in Step 1. This file needs to go into the /arduino-0022/hardware/arduino/ folder. Just paste 
it over the file that is already in this folder. 

• Restart your Arduino IDE if it was running while you were making these changes to the 
program. Once it is back up select Tools, then Boards, and you should have the Arduino 
Mega ADK as an option. 

At this point you should be able to load any sketch you want onto your Arduino Mega ADK board. 
Now go out and start making awesome Arduino-based projects! 

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